FAQ-Abbreviations and Meanings

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FAQ-Abbreviations and Meanings

Postby Scott » Sat 23 Mar, 2013 8:36 am

ABV - Alcohol By Volume - This is a measure of how much alcohol is in your brew.
Airlock - These are used to stop any nasties getting into your brew while it is fermenting. Gas can escape, but nothing can return in.
Body - The fullness, viscosity and feel of the brew.
Bottling - Transferring your brew to bottles.
Bottling Bucket - A FV that the brew will be transferred to immediately prior to bottling, often has a bottling wand or little bottler attached.
Brew - Anything you are making that will ferment to contain alcohol.
Brewing Sugar - Dextrose sugar rather than sucrose. Used in a 1:1 ratio to replace white sugar for a cleaner brew.
Bubbler - See Airlock.
Campden Tablet - A chemical addition that removes chlorine from water, also used to stun the yeast and thus stop fermentation. Good sterilising properties.
Capper - See Crown Capper
Carboy - A large glass vessel generally used for maturing wines or ciders. Normally 3+ gallons.
Cornie Keg - An 80s style keg that was previously used for softdrinks. Nowadays they are often used to hold homebrew.
Crown Capper - Tool used for securing crown caps onto bottles.
DJ - Demijohn - A glass vessel generally used for making wine. Usually between 1 and 3 gallons.
DME - Dry Malt Extract - This is a dry malt for making beer with. Different shades are used for different styles.
Dry Yeast - Yeast in a packet that has been freeze dried.
FG - Final Gravity - A measure of the gravity at the end of fermentation.
Finings - An addition used to take out any solids, thus ading clearing your brew.
FV - Fermenting Vessel - The bucket that your brew is made in.
Glycerine - An addition used to create mouth feel and sweeten slightly, used mostly in wines.
Gravity - A measure of the amount of particles in your brew and thus the quantity of sugar and potential alcohol.
Hops - Hops are used to add bitterness and aroma to beers.
Hydrometer - This is used to measure the gravity of your brew at various stages. If you measure at the start and at the end the ABV is easily calculated.
Infection - Nasty bacteria take over the wort, often due to improper sterilising, and create off smells and tastes.
Irish Moss - type of finings used in the boil of a wort to aid clearing at later stages.
Juice Wine - Rather than using grapes to make wine, grape juice and other supermarket ingredients are used instead.
Lacing - When you take a drink the head will cling to the glass if it has good lacing.
Lagering - To lager means to store, when making a lager it is beneficial to store it for long periods of time at very cold temperatures.
LCD Strip - Temperature thermometer strip often used on FVs to monitor fermenting temperatures.
Liquid Yeast - Yeast in a packet that is fresh-ish.
LME - Liquid Malt Extract - Similar to DME only a liquid variant. Basically this is condensed wort in a can.
Malic Acid - Cider apples have lots of malic acid, dessert apples and apple juice has very little. Malic acid is added when malolactic fermentation is wanted.
Malolactic Fermentation - Traditional country cider goes through this process to create that distinctive mellow farmhouse flavour.
Mouth feel - The feel of the beer in the mouth, relates to the body.
Muslin Bag - Cotton bag used for straining hops and filtering.
Must - Similar to Wort only in reference to something made with fruit, ie wine, cider.
OG - Original Gravity - A measure of the gravity prior to fermentation.
Pectolase - Some fruits and juices contain a lot of pectin. It can be hard to remove those pectins which would lead to a murky brew. Pectolase is used to aid removal of the pectins.
Pitching Temp - The temperature at which yeast is added to the brew.
Potassium Sorbate - A chemical addition that stops yeast from reproducing thus stopping fermentation and any future fermentation. A stabiliser.
Primary FV - A FV that the brew will ferment in to begin with.
Priming - A method of creating carbonation by adding sugar prior to bottling. The yeast wakes up, consumes the sugar and creates more alcohol & CO2 thus pressurising inside the bottle.
Priming Sugar - The sugar used to prime your brew.
Rack - To transfer between, often using a syphon or tap.
Racking Location - A suitable place to syphon from, generally high up and stable.
Secondary FV - A FV that the brew will be transferred to after fermentation. Used to aid clearing, help fight off infection etc.
Sediment - Yeast, dead yeast & other solids at the bottom of the FV or bottle.
SG - Specific Gravity See Gravity
Single Can Kit - A brewing kit compromising of 1 can of pre-hopped LME, yeast and sometimes additionals. Sugar is always required to make your brew.
Steriliser - Used to sanitise equipment before coming into contact with your brew.
Starsan - A no-rinse sanitiser. One of the most popular choices.
Syphon - A tube used to transfer from one vessel to another.
Tannin - Cider apples and wine grapes have lots of tannings in them, dessert apples and apple juice have very little. Added when making cider & wine to add bite akin to traditional tastes.
Trub - Yeast, dead yeast & other solids at the bottom of the FV.
Two Can Kit - A brewing kit compormising of 2 cans of pre-hopped LME. Everything required for the brew is included.
Wort - Wort is the name for your beer before the yeast has done its thing.
Yeast - Yeast is what turns sugar into alcohol producing alcoholic beverages.
Yeast Cake - Yeast, dead yeast & other solids at the bottom of the FV.
Yeast Nutrient - Nutrients that help the yeast grow. Often used at the start of brews where natural nutrients are low (wine/cider).
Fridge - Coopers Euro Lager, Coopers Cerveza, Wilkos Forest Fruit Cider
Corny1 - Stepped BIAB Closch
Corny2 - Evil Dog Double IPA (Conditioning)
Corny3 - MT
Corny4 - MT
FV1 - Ritchies OTR Mixed Berry (In secondary)
FV2 - Ritchies OTR Mixed Berry (Primary)
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